The Rolle group has more than 15 years of experience in purchasing lumber in Ukraine. We have our own concentration yard in Ukraine since 2009. From there we work together with over 60 sawmills to create a annual production that exceeds 7.500m³.

Urolumber has brand new full computer controlled dry kilns. These kilns are controlled in the Netherlands by our dry-engineer. Because of this the knowledge of Rolle is 100% integrated.
In Ukraine, like as in the Netherlands,  we dry our products to a moisture content of 8% - 10%. However customized MC is also possible.

Furthermore in Ukraine we have a production hall where we can machine our products into a wide array of semi-finished products. This production includes slicing, moulding and sanding of lumber.
Important products that we produce are lamellas and sofa sticks.

In our warehouse in Ukraine also every board is graded after drying. This is done according to our strict premium grading rules. Afterwards our strips are wrapped in plastic to keep the right moisture level.