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Our purchase department

We have a dedicated purchase team who operate in different countries. Like France, Germany and Ukraine. To reach our purchasers you can send an email to

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Premium processed

We believe our unique way of working, is what makes us different from others in our branch. This premium process as we call it contains our extensive care for our products and the high quality of our operation.

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Premium graded

Our grading process is given a lot of attention and we have created our own quality label. For example all our boards are graded after drying. Board by board.

We believe this is one of the key factors in creating and maintaining our uniform and continuous quality, which help us distinguish us from our competitors.

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50 years of love for lumber

Starting from the local hardwood supplier of 1966, over 50 years, Rollé developed to the international European oak supplier it is today. During these years several landmarks were achieved. To find more about these past accomplishments, please feel free to read our detailed history…

About Rollé