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We have a unique stock availability of 20.000m³, making us a distinctive European hardwood supplier. With yards located in the Netherlands, France and The Ukraine we offer various options to meet your needs for your most significant projects.

About The Rollé Group

In 1966, Rollé began as a local hardwood supplier. Over the span of 50 years, it has grown into an international European oak distributor. If you're interested in learning more about our journey and achievements, check out our detailed history.

Detailed history

Premium processed

We work in a special way that makes us different from others in our field. Our unique process, which we call premium processing, shows how much we care about our products and the high quality of our work.

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Premium graded

We pay a lot of attention to grading our products, and we've established our own quality label. At Rollé, every board gets graded individually after drying. We think this is a crucial factor in ensuring our consistent and high-quality standards, setting us apart from competitors.

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High-quality solutions for different projects

Quality is a choice, at Rollé, we prefer precision over uncertainty.

What sets the Rollé Group apart? Our distinct approach defines us in our industry. We call it premium processing, reflecting our thorough care for products and the high quality of our operations.

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