Excellence in European oak

At The Rollé Group, our approach to European oak sets us apart. We pride ourselves on a unique process that emphasizes quality and care in every step. 

Our products are PEFC Controlled Sources and FSC certified, ensuring you receive the finest European oak with unmatched quality.

European purchase

The Rollé Group operates a widespread network of 90+ sawmills in Europe, ensuring a consistent supply of European oak. Our mills, work with strict ethical standards, to only supply PEFC certified or PEFC Controlled Sources material.

Patented outside dryers

The Rollé Groups advanced outdoor dryers, featuring a patented hangar design and automated moisturizing system. We pre-dry lumber for a minimum of three months, preventing cracks and sun damage. With strategic storage methods, air flow optimization, and concrete weights for even drying, our process surpasses typical field or shelter storage, ensuring superior lumber quality with attention to detail.

Computer controlled kilns

The Rollé Group operates 22 state-of-the-art kilns across the Netherlands, France, and The Ukraine, using advanced computer control based on 50 years of drying expertise. We prioritize quality, ensuring optimal moisture content (standard 8-10%, adjustable on request) and board characteristics. Our facilities include 8 kilns in Schijndel (1000m³ capacity), 4 in La Chatre (500m³ capacity), and 10 in Zjytomyr (1250m³ capacity), all closely monitored for the best drying results.

Fixed products

Rollé is among the pioneers in offering boards with fixed widths and lengths. In addition to our boards, we also provide custom-made lamellas and a variety of semi-finished products to fulfill the specific needs of your projects.

Quality inspection

We pay a lot of attention to grading our products, and we've established our own quality label in 2003. At The Rollé Group, every board gets graded individually after drying. We think this is a crucial factor in ensuring our consistent and high-quality standards, setting us apart from competitors.

Own quality mark

Rollé distinguishes itself with a unique quality label, ensuring each board is individually graded post-drying and meets strict standards, precise dimensions and consistent color. This process guarantees our boards are ready for immediate use, maximizing efficiency and quality for their intended projects.

Conditioned warehouse

Our warehouse is designed to maintain optimal storage conditions for our bundles. It's insulated to minimize temperature variations and equipped with an advanced system to control both humidity and temperature. Additionally, a two-door system provides extra insulation, ensuring constant humidity and temperature for ideal storage conditions.

Warehousing per customer

Outsourcing stock to The Rollé Group eliminates the need for customers to finance stock in advance, as our kiln-dried lumber is ready for immediate use. We offer rapid, usually 24-hour delivery with a customer-specific reservation system. Clients can access and order from their custom made stock list by our representatives. Our extensive 20000m³ oak stock ensures prompt KD shipments from the The Netherlands, The Ukraine, and France.

Next day delivery

Our large inventory enables short-term delivery. Stock items can typically be picked within hours, and thanks to strong relationships with transport companies, full truckloads within the Netherlands are usually delivered the next day. For international orders, we generally deliver within a week via road transport, depending on the location. Additionally, we offer sea freight options and can handle all necessary documentation when required.

One step more

The extra step is made possible thanks to our unique organization. The Rollé Group is always trying to optimize their organization, the way of working and business processes. Resulting, for example, in our premium process and premium grading processes. Another way of offering one step more is the fact we can produce (semi)finished products in our facility in The Ukraine. Where we do the following: lamellas, shiplaps, tongue and groove and planing.