25mm boards

Your specialist in European oak planed boards

A revolution in lumber - Welcome to Rollé's new product range. Four-sided planed boards, a breakthrough in woodworking that offers numerous benefits for your business.

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Save time and increase efficiency

With Rollé taking care of the planing, your valuable time is freed up. Focus more on your core operations and less on the details. Experience a 20-30% increase in bundle size, reducing forklift traffic within your company.

Greener and cost-effective transport

From 17m3 air dried to 28m3 kiln dried to a stunning 33m3 planed volume per load. Saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally our compact bundles ensure a stable Moisture Content (MC) of 7-9% for a longer duration.

More storage space

Need less space to store the same cubic meters of wood. Efficient use of storage equals efficient operations. Our perfectly stacked identical bundles also enhance the visual appeal of your warehouse to your potential customer

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